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Remote counselling provides flexible and convenient one on one therapy options through phone, video, and text sessions via Whatsapp. It offers the same level of support as face-to-face sessions with added privacy and anonymity. It’s ideal for those in remote areas, with transportation issues, or busy schedules.

Treatment Specialties

Anxiety Disorder

Counselling for anxiety disorders employs person-centered talking therapy, encompassing cognitive-behavioral approaches and mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing and meditation. Exposure therapy gently guides individuals in confronting and mastering their fears within a secure and personalised environment. The duration of treatment is tailored to each person's unique needs.


Counselling for depression is a deeply individualised and impactful therapeutic approach, enabling individuals to recognise and navigate symptoms, enhance their overall quality of life, and foster enduring mental well-being through evidence-based strategies. It offers a secure and confidential environment for the free expression of emotions, the receipt of unwavering support, and the cultivation of coping abilities to progress towards a more joyful and resilient life.

Substance Abuse

Counselling treatments for substance abuse, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and holistic approaches, are instrumental in the recovery process. They focus on addressing negative thoughts, enhancing motivation, offering support, and engaging loved ones in the journey to overcome addiction. While the effectiveness of each approach may vary, their collective integration is essential to a holistic and personalised path to recovery.

Grief & Loss

Grief counselling provides a compassionate space to navigate the emotions linked to loss. It encompasses one-on-one sessions and grief education. Individual therapy delves into emotions and strategies for coping, while grief education imparts knowledge about the grieving journey.

common questions

Remote counselling uses digital channels for clients to discuss their problems with a trained counselor. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and other methods help develop healthy coping mechanisms. It’s popular due to convenience, affordability, and accessibility. It benefits those in remote locations or with mobility issues, and those who prefer not to meet in person. Ensure the therapist is licensed and trained, and communication channels are secure and confidential.

Counselling sessions can vary in length based on the therapist and client’s needs. Typically, sessions run for 45-60 minutes, though some therapists offer shorter or longer sessions. It’s crucial to discuss preferences with the therapist to determine what works best. Ultimately, finding a therapist who can support, guide, and treat you effectively is most important.

Depending on your needs and progress made, sessions can be more or less frequent. 

Trust is essential in counselling. I am committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental environment. If you have concerns or issues with trust, we can discuss them openly and work on building a strong therapeutic relationship.

Counselling can be helpful if you feel overwhelmed, experience strong emotions, struggle in relationships, or feel stuck in life. Seeking counselling can also help if you engage in harmful behavior. Remember, counselling can offer a safe and supportive environment to gain insight, develop coping skills, and achieve personal growth.

I am a remote counsellor who offers counselling services online through video calls, voice calls, and Whatsapp chat. This mode of counselling is convenient and confidential for clients who may find it hard to access in-person therapy. I maintain ethical and professional standards and observe strict confidentiality protocols. My clients are of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, and I provide a safe and non-judgemental space for them to express themselves and achieve their goals.

As a counsellor practicing under UK guidelines, I want you to know that the content of our sessions is strictly confidential, except in situations where the law or ethical guidelines require me to break confidentiality. My top priority is your comfort and well-being, and I am committed to maintaining your privacy and trust in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the United Kingdom. If you have any concerns or questions about confidentiality, please feel free to discuss them with me.

Contact Me:

You can reach out to me through the communication method you’re most comfortable with. This might be via phone, email, or through the contact page on my website or the organisation where you found my services.

For 1:1 counselling sessions, the cost is £45 per 50-minute session.

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